the new catamaran specially designed
for thrill seekers

This new sportier version gives us a
maximum enjoyment on the water, with a takeoff from 8 knots of wind! Flying has never been so easy!

A fun Foiler with benefits for everyone, with the option of conventional rudders allows navigation in a classic way 

Fully modular, it adapts to all levels of experience of each Skipper, both for professionals, individuals and sailing schools.

This new catamaran is simple to use and easy to use. Both with version
sporty with trapezoids, or comfort with optional wings.

Befoil16Sport provides new sensations of speed for both amateurs and experienced sailors.



Befoil has entrusted with Mestral Marine Works, we contribute all our experience in the construction with composites for the construction of the Befoil16Sport hulls.

Due to the characteristics of this boat we have managed to adjust to the requirements of both weight and materials to satisfy the needs of our customers.

After building two prototypes, we have managed to adjust to achieve quality standards using high-quality materials.

In addition, we have reached an agreement to be distributors of this Foiler in Spain, building a unit so that you can see and test it.


At the moment, it is located in the Mar de Cristal Marina, in the Mar Menor of Murcia, which is the epicenter for the practice of Foil.