Industrial Composites

Our expertise in the manufacture of composite materials allows us to work on a wide variety of projects, from the construction of racing yachts to the repair of industrial installations using composite materials. Composite materials have the ability to be used in many areas with high stress constraints due to their exceptional mechanical performance.

We provide manufacturing solutions for custom industrial composites, our technology and know-how include infusion, pre-preg, a wide range of materials and high quality suppliers in order to obtain the optimal manufacturing process that will fit to your mechanicals requirements with our industrial composite manufacturing solution based in Tarragona.

Benefits of composite materials are:

  • Great lightness
  • Resistant to chemicals such as oils, hydraulic fluids, etc.
  • Variety of design (shapes, thicknesses).
  • Excellent directional rigidity and resistance.
  • Excellent resistance to deformation, moisture, heat, humidity and corrosion.

Many industries use industrial composites as an key structural element for exceptional mechanical performance such as:

  • Aeronautics and space
  • Defense
  • Transport & automotive
  • Renewable energies (Wind energy)
  • Building, etc.

Our facility include:

  • Infusion oven 200m²
  • Pre-preg oven
  • Industrial CNC machine 5 axis
  • Metalworks area
  • Engineering office

Our composites project specialized engineering team will provide you all the informations about our composite manufacturing solutions and the fit to your project.